Our process

Our Process

This is our creation process

We’ll take your idea and create a technical script which consists of action notes and animation descriptions. We’ll need to paint a visual picture of what to animate, with or without dialogue.

This is where the voice talent delivers their lines.

In the planning stage, we do the storyboarding, animatic, character designs.

Assets Creation
Assets Creation

This is the stage where we create the props, backgrounds and character rigs if we are doing puppet animation. If we’re creating a 3D project, 3D modeling and sculpting is done during this stage.

Production is typically the longest and most work-intensive stage as we’re are building the actual animation. With tradigital animation, this stage includes rough character animation and clean up character animation.

We will be putting all of the animation, assets and backgrounds together to create the video. We will also add visual effects, lighting and color grading.

We’ll add the music, sound effects and master the voiceovers so everything is normalized.

Internal reviews
Internal reviews

Our internal team of lead animators will review the animation.

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