Our Production Process starts with gathering all the information from you so we can put together a script. You will be given an intake form to fill out. Once the intake form is completed our professional scriptwriters will start working on a script for the animation. After writing the script you will review it before we proceed. If you want any changes just let us know before we proceed to the next phase.


We conduct a casting call from our voice talent and send you a zip file so you can pick the voiceovers you like the most. No charge for this. We only work with Professional Voice Team within our inner network. We hand pick the voice talent because we want to make sure that they can do a great job with their performance, that they have the proper professional equipment and that they have a strong work ethic. So ever voice actor/actress we work with goes through a long vetting process before we work with them on an ongoing basis.



After the script is approved, the storyboard work starts. The storyboard is basically the script which is defined in visual frames in the form of panels. WIth the voiceover, we will put together an animatic. An animatic is basically a storyboard in motion / in the form of a video. This a step we can not skip. Here is the reason why. We need to make sure the concept is going to work, we need to make sure we can utilize the budget effectively,  identify any error early on before we get deep into production, during the animatic stage make sure the dialogue and timing is perfect before proceeding into production and making sure if we can still envision the end product looking great or if we need to take a totally different approach.

Illustration / Background / Asset Creation

The storyboard/animatic is then converted into illustrations. This includes the backgrounds, graphic assets, character designs sheet, color palette and style guide. The reason this step is so important it sets the rules of the game before anyone starts on production. Here is where we make sure the backgrounds and the character style works well together. We also make sure everyone is on the same page with the color palette and the character style guide. The reason for this is the entire animation needs to be consistent throughout. Once everything is established we then will start the production stage.


This is the stage where we take the animations and illustrations and sync them together along with the sound effects, voiceovers and background music.

We always get your approval at every stage. Without this approval, we can’t move to the next stage.


The final stage is the publishing part where we make sure to deliver you the video in the finest quality with different formats so that you can use and upload it according to your requirements. I am sure that now you have got a clear idea about the animation process we follow at EssenceCartoon.