Our Passion

Since our company’s birth in 2015, our true passion is in helping people with their concepts, business, and organizations using animation and video marketing. We have created over 269 animated videos promoting businesses, events, campaigns, music artist and a lot more. We work with businesses all over the globe and it’s always refreshing to help businesses become one of the most talked about brands. In the last year alone, we have produced more than 100 quality videos for amazing companies.

We have worked on all animation styles ranging from 2D traditional animation, cutout animation to motion graphics and 3D animation. Our passion for creativity and social media marketing has always given us a competitive edge in catering to our clients’ needs.

Our Team

We believe that a perfect team is a group of individuals with extraordinary abilities that work harmoniously together. Because of this, our production team is naturally in sync with creativity work seamlessly together. Our team has been handpicked through a rigorous hiring process allowing for us as a company to push the boundaries of the imagination with every created piece of animation or illustration. Over the years, our animators, illustrators, scriptwriters, and voice team are constantly raising the bar in their areas of expertise. And just to top it off we have a strong code about delivering a 5 star level of customer service to every client. We have been told that our customer service is so phenomenal that our clients end up becoming our partners, supporters and even friends after their first project with us. This has been the secret to how we make our clients repeat customers.

Why Us

We are a unique animation studio that is able to adapt to any art style that is presented to us. We also care about the success of your company. We are wizards when it comes to social media marketing, video marketing, and influence marketing. What this means is when we finish your animation we are not going to just send you off into the wilderness with the finished product. One of the first questions we ask before we start an animation project is “Do you have a marketing strategy?” If the answer is no then we will help you figure out your marketing strategy base on your goal. That is another reason why we are a unique animation studio. We also know a lot of top influencers that could have an interest in sharing the finished explainer we create for you.

We breathe life into ideas. Contact Us: essencecartoon@gmail.com