Our Story

EssenceCartoon started as a YouTube Channel providing its fans with an Animated Cartoon Series. Headquartered in Columbus, EssenceCartoon has gone from a small Youtube channel to an Animation Studio within the ownership of Glasslogos LLC. We are now providing creative media solutions to a wide range of advertising, broadcast and corporate clients as of January 2016. We’re a client focused service business with a diverse team of more than 20 people of enormous talent and creativity.

We breathe life into ideas.

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2D Traditional Animation

Is one drawing followed by another in a slightly different pose, followed by another for 24 frames a second. This is the perferred method of animation if you want fluid animation. 

Voiceover Services

We have our top 8 voice team members. Then we have additional 40+ voice actors/actresses that collaborates with us and we send referrals to when clients request for a specific voice. 

Explainer Videos

These are short online vector base marketing videos used to explain your company's product or service. A lot of big corporations use these types of videos in commercials on television.  


Your Brand Identity is a personality, a relationship, an experience, and most importantly it's what your client is going to see first before they even speak with you. If you think of your business as a house, your logo is more than the welcome mat; it is the entire entrance. You're flyers, business cards, envelopes. Letterheads and even your social media art must all be consistent so that your brand can at least touch your potential client seven times or more. 

Puppet Cutout Animation

This technique uses drawn character(s), prop(s) and background(s) and just moves/morphs the different drawing pieces. The same original drawing is used unlike traditional animation.


Social Media Marketing

Use EssenceCartoon as it's own case study. We know how to create an engaging following and grow a social network very fast. We even give away eBook on just how to do this with social media and your blog site. Maybe you don't have time to grow your following and develop social media content for your audience. Let us do it for you so you can get back to doing the things that are most important. 

3D Animation

Is a type of animation that uses computer generated images to create animated scenes. Compared to 2D animation, 3D has much more depth, and it looks much more realistic. Like Pixar. 

Web Design

If your business does not have a website, then it's obsolete in today's world. And if you do have a website how easy is it for a person to find what they are looking for? Is it user-friendly? Is it user appealing? Is your site design interactive at all? Does your current web design breathes and moves visitor's actions across a series of pages to produce your desired outcome. Not only do we apply ironclad network security and functionality to your site. We incorporate the user's navigation psychology base on a decade of website navigational research. 

Our Mission

We have and will always be a supporter of the underdogs. I can still remember reaching out to bigger channels and business. We were getting shut down 90% of the time. This is when the EssenceCartoon mission became extremely apparent. We don’t want just to make people laugh. We want to prove that you can have just your idea no matter big or small no matter how much money you have or equipment or resources you have and be able to have the level success you want. We make it our person business to respond to all emails and twitter messages giving other tips, shout outs and free exposure to those with smaller followings. We want those undiscovered undergogs’ voice to be heard! No matter how big we get this will alway be our core mission!

Let your voice be heard

2013 - The Birth - October

When we talk about the birth of EssenceCartoon, we are talking about the conception of an idea so simple that we didn’t even have the slight clue it would ever get this big. I still remember Edward telling me to start a Youtube channel and upload my crazy Buddypoke Cartoons. My tools were a $5.99 (there is a free version as well) app from the iPhone app store, a Mac computer, iPhone headphones microphones and iMovie (free). That was it! No scripts all improv. To our surprise, there was a hungry Buddypoke community that started subscribing to the channel. The channel received so much attention that the founder of Buddypoke contacted us and said that he has never sent anyone to make such fantastic cartoons from his app. We took NOTHING and made something remarkable. We didn’t let education or the lack of money stop us from reaching our goals.

2014 - Social Media - January

As our subscribers grew, our Twitter account followed. We implemented a time-tested strategy that grew our Twitter following from 1000 followers to 16,000. At that point, we grew about 2000 new followers a week on Twitter on average. The YouTube channel began to get way more engagement from it.

2014 - GoAnimate - October

The new subscribers wanted more from our animations, so we took it to the next level. We started to use a software call GoAnimate. Again this was a crappy piece of software, but we made the BEST animations you will ever FIND on the internet using GoAnimate. Are edge was creative, great voice team and some awesome script writers. Once again we took CRAPPY TOOLS and made something awesome! Feels like a good Rocky film…

Not So Random – GoAnimate Version 2014

2015 - Frederator - April

April and May of 2015 are when the YouTube took a drastic shift of direction. A lot of real changes happen during this time. Firstly Frederator reached out to us to join their MCN. So now we submit cartoons to their channel network as well. From 2013 until 2015 I did all the animation myself. Edward and I would converse on the scripts, and we only have about 20 voice actors/actresses that collab with us. Twitter was as about 30,000 now and we were starting to get messages via twitter, email and even instagram about us doing animation… for pay. That is when we formed a collabration with 5 new animators/graphic designers. On May 24th we made our last GoAnimate cartoon.

2015 - Mario's Mushrooms - October

At this point we much of has Mario’s mushrooms added to our daily diet because we were growing so fast we needed to double our team and form what was once just a YouTube channel into a fully operating business! So we did our first Job Fair at CCAD and doubled the size of the animation team. At this point from Twitter which is around 40,000 followers at this point and instagram was at about 14,000. Our voiceteam drouble as well to about 40+ voice actors/actresses. And we formed a marketing team as well.

2016 - Year of Collaborations - April

We have been most focused on Cons (Anime/Comic) and Collaborations with creators and industry leaders of all types. We did a really successful collaboration with OwlTurd, Tai Lopez and TheIYouMe just to name a few. We also did cosplay interviews at Ohayacon and did Interviews at the S.P.A.C.E. con. We have recruited another 5 more animators this month bring our team to about 15. We are now set to start reaching out to corporations as well as finalize solidifying our animated comedy series “Not So Random” on our YouTube channel. Even though our animations has gotten better and the company/social network has grew, our humor has never changed. Our goal is to not make you laugh quitely inside… Our goal is to make you laugh out loud even if you are in a library. We want to push comedy to its outer limits!!

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