Hopscotch 21 - Credits

  • Malachi Staples – Project Manager & Compositing

  • Luke Graber – Illustrator & Animatic

  • Juan Dahik – Lead Storyboard Artist & Rough Animator

  • Scott Ciprian – Lead Clean-up Artist & Character Designer

Pokemon Animation – Credits

  • Malachi Staples – Project Manager & Compositing

  • Molly Thomas – Backgrounds 

  • Ivonne Kadi – Character Designer 

  • Alayna Schwab / Meg Mahoney – Animatic / Storyboarding

  • Ivonne Kadi / Cole Cummings – Animation 

Kyle Selfie – Credits

  • Kyle Chapple – Director, Script Writer & Voice Actor

  • Michele Haines – Script Writer & Voice Actress 

  • Cole Cummings – Lead Animator & Animatic Artist

  • Juan Dahik – Character Designer & Storyboarding

  • Evan Csulik & Molly Thomas – Backgrounds

Awesome job, love the finished product! Great communication and suggestions to make it awesome! – Michael Horne

Michael Horne

YouTube Creator, Horne Quest

Exceeded my expectations! Met all of my needs and went above and beyond to ensure my project was among the best animation ever produced! 10 Stars!!!

Jas Boothe

Creator , Discharged

It’s definitely the most ambitious cartoon depiction I’ve seen yet, and I like how they kept that Playstation lamp detail. It was based on my Heartbroken comic – Greg Czaykowski

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Greg Czaykowski

Comic Artist , The Loading Artist

The GlassLogos team took the vision I had for my book trailer “The Secret of Christopher Topher” and made it come to life! I am very pleased and plan on using them for my future projects.

Gee Williams

Book Author, The Secret of Christopher Topher

Tai Lopez
Hilarious! I had to retweet this! @the67steps

YouTube 989,591 subscribers (200,282,881 views)

Tai Lopez

Internet Marketer, The67steps

Steven Gaulding

Attorney, Gaulding LLC

Wow!!! Great work done on #BenedictCrimwood by @essencecartoon animation!!!! So dope.

(288k followers on IG)

Tony Baker

Comedian , Tony Baker Comedy

2 Geeks

I’m buying again as we speak. I highly recommend it these guys are fantastic, incredibly talented, and I’m extremely happy with the service I got from them.

Shawn & Victor

YouTube Creator, 2GeeksTV

YouTube 387,819 views / Subscribers 58,361,683 views


Starset Music Video - Back to Earth - Credits

  • Malachi Staples – Art Director & Project Manager
  • Luke Graber – Illustrator & Animatic
  • Juan Dahik – Motion Graphics and Composite Specialist
  • Scott Ciprian – Lead Animator
  • Cole Cummings – Animator
  • Jenny Mintz – Animator
  • Humberto Zugasti – Illustrator & Storyboard Artist
  • Meg Mahoney – Character Designer & Storyboard Artist

Our digital gallery of animations we’ve created for clients is a steady reminder of how much we appreciate the opportunity to have created some fantastic partnerships with some amazing businesses & brands!

Five nights at Freddy's Cartoon - Credits

  • Malachi Staples – Art Director & Project Manager
  • Luke Graber – Illustrator
  • Cole Cummings – Animator
  • Jenny Mintz – Animator & Storyboard Artist
  • Humberto Zugasti – Illustrator
  • Molly Thomas – Illustrator

In recent years, explainer videos have become a crucial asset in the breakout success of companies like Dropbox, Groupon, and Salesforce.com.


Because explainer videos provide an easy and efficient way for businesses to get their message across to consumers.


Omg I love it so much!! You guys are the best! – @scuba.steph

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Admin at @NERDBOTMEDIA, @Scuba.steph


These guys took my comic strip and made it into a cartoon! I’m speechless! – Wes

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Cartoonist, The Gentleman’s Armchair

We loved this animation test for the series we are working on!! – Jeremy


Production Manager at Snowball Studios Ltd., Snowball Studios Ltd.

They did a wonderful job! Very impressive   – Hector

Hector Barron/Scott Hahn

Kickstarters, Cholos vs Vampires


Check out this pretty freakin cool animation by Essence Cartoon, based on that winter comic I published a little while back. I feel like they’ve captured the expressions quite well!


Cartoonist on Tumblr , OwlTurd

They did a fantastic job bringing UniToast to life! I absolutely love them !   – Laura

Laura Besh

Creator, Unicorn and Toast

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