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Come sink your teeth in the official EssenceCartoon Animation Blog giving you that different perceptive. Animation is such an amazing  industry with a long and dynamic history that is forever changing how we view thing no matter where you are from on earth. If you take out all the dialogue from a cartoon it can be watch by anyone no matter what language they speak and the message will be received just the same.

EssenceCartoon Blog offers a unique outlook on the world on animation and focuses heavily on the future of the industry. From our unique vantage point, our amazing EssenceCartoon bloggers can share their own stories, discovers on a wide variety of animation topics that often include a unique topic that is unsolved or not found anywhere online. Your search for unique animation content ends here. Read & Enjoy.

Part One: StoryBoard Pro: In The Beginning

In this digital world we live in as creatives, the worst possible (even scary) object to look at is a blank screen. When wanting to create a project such as a short animation, a Kickstarter pitch, an animated half-hour TV show, or even a full length feature animated...

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The 5 Types of Animation

What are the 5 different types of animation? How does each of them work? The styles that are covered in this video are: 1. Traditional animation 2. 2D Vector based animation 3. 3D computer animation 4. Motion graphics 5. Stop motion Video by Morr Meroz...

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Wacom tablet driver not found

Wacom tablet driver not found For 2 weeks I was having issues with my Wacom drivers (I'm a Window 10 user, I know right?). I was getting "Wacom tablet driver not found", "Wacom driver not found", "A supported tablet was not found on this system?", "tablet driver is...

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