YouCollab is FAB!

So, you think you’re a YouTuber huh? Do you make funny videos? Do you create animations? Or maybe you review stuff, any stuff just for anyone to hear. Want to meet up with others just like you? Well, there is a new app out there that will do just that. Our site, Essence Cartoon has a link where you can find it. If you wait patiently until the end of the article, you will find it below. And there will also be a link to a video, a YouTube video; we created that gives a review of the app.

Now to the subject at hand. YouCollab.

YouCollab is an app, like Tinder but it is not for dating. It is for YouTube collaborations. People who find they need to go to the next level in their YouTube creations.

I will stress this is a BETA version. Be kind and report it to the developer. And they look forward to more improvements as it goes on. When launching the app, which incidentally launches quickly so be ready with your information. Go directly to the settings and set up your profile. The controls are straight forward and clear on what information it is asking for here. Distance helps you set a radius to seek for other YouTubers near your location.

So if you are in a big city or small country that sprawls across great distances, it will help you find them, Subscribers. Do I have to tell you how awesome this is? You can also change the search filter base on how many subscribers a youtube creator has and their collaboration interest. So, add as many keywords that describe what you do. But please, don’t write a grocery list of keywords. Usually, ten or so will suffice. And it will find people with those similar tastes.

Check out Essence Cartoon review of YouCollab here. When you are done continue on to the rest of the article:

Now, back to the rest of the App.

Next up. YouPairs. This is the best part. It now starts to show you local collaborators who also are on this network and have matched up with you. You have two choices. X for No Thanks and Check Mark for let’s get connected. But you aren’t done yet. To better serve in collaborations, each party must accept the matching. So, if they don’t think you’ll be a good fit, no match. If they agree, then well, you have got a chance for an interaction, which could lead to so much more.


Once you go through the ones that show up and no more display you have two choices again. Accept what you have or go back to settings and either increase the range or subscriber levels or both even. And then you can then view that person’s profile. What you will see in their profile is a trailer. That gives an overview of what they are about. Now, if you haven’t made one yet, don’t fret. Put up, maybe your greatest viewed video or best liked one. But in the end, I think you should create a trailer. It’s your portfolio of work, and that helps people get a better feel for what you are all about.

The downside is currently in beta you can not see who you paired with, but that should be fixed in the release. You will then have a way to chat directly with that person and go forward with interaction. And for the most part, you’ll be able to see if the two of you will be a good fit. So, get in touch with us on how you can get this app. And as you’ll hear in the review from us at Essence Cartoon, we’ll help you get your YouTube to the next level.

Go out, watch the video review below. Get the App. Make more videos. And have fun doing it.