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EssenceCartoon started as a YouTube Channel providing its fans with an Animated Cartoon Series. Headquartered in Columbus, EssenceCartoon has gone from a small Youtube channel to an Animation Studio within the ownership of Glasslogos LLC. We are now providing creative media solutions to a wide range of advertising, broadcast and corporate clients as of January 2016. We’re a client focused service business with a diverse team of more than 20 people of enormous talent and creativity.

We breathe life into ideas.

Check out this pretty freakin cool animation by Essence Cartoon, based on that winter comic I published a little while back. I feel like they’ve captured the expressions quite well! – Shenanigansen


Cartoonist , OwlTurd Comix

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How Fleicher’s Superman was the Golden Age of Animation

How Fleicher’s Superman was the Golden Age of Animation When growing up as a little kid, I watched a lot of television. TV, as most people know it by this nickname. I would spend hours watching just about anything, I was hooked on it. Oh, I didn’t just sit there...
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The Lost Art of Animation Anticipation: The Friday Night Saturday Morning Cartoon Previews

Anyone reading this may or may not understand what I am about to tell you. There used to be only three networks to watch Saturday morning cartoons. Not this on demand, dvd, YouTube, digital download or even cable tv whenever you what it, wherever you want it. A time...
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The 5 Types of Animation

What are the 5 different types of animation? How does each of them work? The styles that are covered in this video are: 1. Traditional animation 2. 2D Vector based animation 3. 3D computer animation 4. Motion graphics 5. Stop motion Video by Morr Meroz...
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A creative studio of creative geniuses who want nothing more than to make you laugh hard enough so the milk comes out of your nose.

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Check out how we bring our clients ideas to life using animation!

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Our goal is to make people laugh while telling a story and exploring the uncomfortable truths and taboos along the way. Enjoy!

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